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Employees are told to get people in and out asap. They are harassed by manager into obtaining their quota and constantly threatened with being fired.

Work weeks are 65 hours during holiday seasons. Employees are told to punch out for lunch, but not to take a lunch and keep working. Overtime is mandatory. They are told to "not tell a customer too much" and get them to buy more.

Legos are never cleaned. There is no break room or place for the employees to lock up their microwave, only a small college sized refrigerator.

When overtime is not approved by corporate, managers punch out the employee if they are still with customers, so as not to pay overtime. HORRIBLE.

Review about: Portrait Innovations Manager.

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The muslins aren't ever washed but that's really not a big deal. If a manager or anyone has your employee number or the ability to punch you out, a huge part of that is your fault.

Why would you give out your number? ?


I believe you. The muslins and clothes and blankets at the local studio smell and look like they have never been washed. Disgusting.

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