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My family and I have spent several thousands of dollars over the years at the Davenport, IA location. This past year, the management team changed and the store has turned into a nightmare!

When my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas, the answer was easy, Christmas pictures of my children! My husband took time out of his busy day, he works 3rd shift, he got the kids dressed up and took them. About 15 minutes after his arrival, he called me to tell me that the customer service was no non existent and the photos were rushed and the photographer didn't seem to have a clue on how to take pictures. My husband wss informed by Lilly, I'm sorry this is the way we are trained and can only take pictures from the side now.

I told my husband he was not obligated to purchase anything if they were bad, however he knew it was important to me so for the first time ever the only thing purchased was the main package. Until Christmas morning, when i un wrapped the gift, i still had not seen them and i wa as excited until i pulled out the picture and said how terrible they were and returned it to the package! Wednesday, i called and asked how long the manager would be around, the manager, Johanna answered the phone and explained that she would be there until 2:30-3 o'clock. I arrived at the studio and introduced myself, i explained how long i have been a customer and that this was the worst service I had ever seen!

She pulled the pictures from the envelope and said to the other associate, oh Lilly did them and wow look how out of focus they are and the associate agreed. The manager began to continue to look at the one pose and said we can schedule a re shoot or pick another pose but there are pictures missing so i can't refund! I said excuse me, who would keep these *** pictures, you admitted it yourself, so no we didn't keep any pictures! She basically called me a liar until her associate said, maybe she didn't get all the pictures because we had printer issues.

The manager said to her associate, no that was the 22nd remember?! She called her regional manager to tell her there was pics missing and the regional manager told her different pose or reshoot. I explained i would never do pics with them again and asked if i re did photos did it have to be at this location? Johanna laughed and said i suppose so but the next closest location was 3 hours away, i said I'll gladly travel for good service.

She pulled up the rest of the photos and agreed on the best one, all but the one had a glare on my son's glasses, to which she said, oh looks like we will have to teach Lilly to shoot with glasses! Ma'am you should have done that before she took pictures! When it was time to print the pose, guess what, printer issues and she would have to call me when they were done! I ran a few errands and came back, the manager was gone, but the associate from earlier was there and said they just got them printed!

I pulled it out, guess what, a big black smudge on the left side, i said what is this? Oh, im sorry thats from years of mis use by former employees, hopefully they get us a new background! Flabbergasted i left, i have had many white background there and no smudge!

Have you ever heard of photoshopping?! Based on the lack of knowledge and terrible customer service, we will not return!

Product or Service Mentioned: Portrait Innovations Child Photo Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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