Fort Wayne, Indiana
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I think its wrong they stopped the virtual website unless u pay I have family who use to buy extras from website when I shared it to them they lost our business we went faithfully too. I will be making sure to let people know the new change as well.

I know my family was upset if I would have known I would of went some other place that offers it so my family can pick their gifts themselves.

They make u pay at least $70 dollars in order to receive the website information. I have a feeling a lot of customers will find another place

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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When u go to Walmart to they give you all the food to create lasagna for your family just cuz you buy the lasagna noodles? NO! How are photos any different?


Always wanting something for nothing if you want something for nothing going to the free portrait studio which is your own camera or your cell phone.


I always knew that the day they stopped doing the free virtual/personal studio would upset majority of the customers that purchase smaller packages. I thought it was a *** idea in the first place.

The initial intention as I understood was to have the free virtual/personal studio for a couple months to get the word out that it existed, but the company decided to let it go on way too long (for 2 years maybe?).

So naturally customers got used to it and expected it, and are now upset because it's been taken away. Not well played Portrait Innovations...


If you cant afford $70 then take the pictures yourself. You have no idea what the studio equipment cost is for each photo session, they are actually LOSING money when you cheapos come in the door.

They wont miss you. This isnt a fast food restaurant, if you cant afford the service then stay home.


The Personal Studio online account is not free. Do you really expect them to show you your whole session online without spending $100?

That's absurd. And if your family wants prints, buy them that day.

Portrait Innovations does not offer prints for sale on Personal Studio. Stop being cheap.

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