Portrait Innovations is now officially a rip off.Now when you order pictures you only get the studio view of the pictures you purchased!

So pretty much if you want to buy products, or any other items you can't because you may only have 3 pictures! No one wants that! I used to share it on facebook for my family and they would buy four times if not more than what I spent on their to get what they wanted and now their is no use. You just lost out on a lot of money!

I WON'T be coming back and I am spreading the word fast...

RIP OFF....Go back to the way it was or you will loose lots of business!


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Now you don't even get that unless you buy a CD. I went with my kids this past weekend and thought I would have the portal but called today and they said no they don't anymore with out CD

to Anonymous #1172857

That's what happens when you're a cheap ***.Duh.

If you didn't get the CD then that means of the 60-80 different pictures your hard working photographer (and I've seen it, they work their *** off) took, you didn't even buy 3....you at least get the standard CD when you buy 3 pictures.

So shut the *** up.Do not plan to spend less than $100 on professional pictures and then complain about it.

to Anonymous 123 #1348486

Stick it to the man!!!! Yea!!!


Well me and my family went to take spring pictures and I was very pleased with the pictures... But like the old saying go..u get what u pay for..anywho our pictures were very beautiful I must say staff did an wonderful job capturing my families precious moments...will definitely be returning... Now off to my personal gallery...


I know i just took FAMILY Pictures and of course i changed my mind later on.So i received a email saying i could upload the pics, well when i did it was only the 3 poses i purchased.

But pics that i have in the online album from years ago all of those are still on there.Well i guess next time i have to have my mind made up before i leave the studio!


The company will not lose lots of business they will actually gain more.People who liked the online then will pay or not get it.

And have you been to the studios at all recently. Crazy busy. Apparently you didn't spread the word fast enough.

I've called to book appts at two different locations and both are fully booked for this weekend.May wanna open your mouth louder if you want people to hear or make more friends


PI employees also LOVE it when cheap customers who cry about spending $100 threaten to never come back.Good!

You have no idea what that photo session actually cost the studio, you spending $19.99 actually hurts the studio, and they have names for you.They won't miss you.

to Anonymous Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #939679

It does not cost that much to take photographs.Portrait Innovations do not pay their employees very much because they are not trained professionals, they are just people off the street that get get more training on up-selling than on actually taking photos.

The employees take photos with the camera set to "auto" and most of the photos they take are horrible and blurry, that is why they use photo-editing software. Also the photos do cost very much to print, I know because I have been ordering photos from a professional lab for years. I am sure they lose money on the $19.99 special however, but if they want people to spend more, then they should advertise more expensive packages. If a "photographer" spends 20 minutes taking photographs and ten minutes trying to up sell and ten minutes printing that is only 40 minutes.

If the average person spends around $60-$70, the company is still making money. And I doubt they would lose money even if someone only spent only $50. Portrait Innovations is headquartered where I live and they have an extremely bad reputation in Charlotte.

When I take my son there, it is not busy at all, most of the time he is the only one getting his pictures taken.I could see spending hundreds of dollars for photography if one were going to an experienced professional, but PI only hires untrained people not long out of high school.


to Cora T Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #969781

Portrait Innovations actually trains photographers at the training facility in North Carolina.Most of the people I worked with were out of college and went to college for photography.

The only people that were out of highschool were part timers that were used to help during the weekends and they were trained in photography at the studios where they worked. Portrait Innovations actually pays their photographers really well. They pay more than any other photography companies. I started out at $11.00 and ended at $17.00.

I don't know whats wrong with the Charlotte location but everywhere else is good.

Plus Charlotte is a tester studio where they test their new ideas.The only bad thing I have to say is Portrait Innovations only cares about the money not their employees.


Wow, you have to actually PURCHASE the photos you want to use? Unreal!

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