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My canvas got messed up

I'm happy with my pictures, I went to pick my canvas up today,a bagger at Kroger set milk on top of it and it also punched a small hole I need to know what I have to do to get a replacement, thank you:happy:



When can I get my books that came with my package? I went to the studio and apparently they are permanently closed!


Canvas i ordered

When can i get my canvas since the store has closed permanently?


New Studio

Can you please bring a studio to Saint Joseph, Missouri? We need a studio here.

The ones we have aren't too good. Its to far to go to Kansas City for a session.


My older pictures

I've been getting pictures wit h you for 10 Years. I had a different email address for the first 8 years.

When I got the app it out shows me the pics from past 3 years. Can you change my d email address so I can get all pics?


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