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Where to start? "Portrait Professionals" weren't even wearing shoes!

One hour plus wait time WITH AN APPOINTMENT!!!! Crying kids, confused staff, angry parents!

Great combo for family fun pictures! #NeverAgainRochesterMN

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #948557

I find it creepy that you are taking pictures of these people! Grow up! Deal with the fact that the world doesn't revolve to please you and the world well be a better place!

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #948555

The manager or many associates don't wear shoes because they are always up and down off the floor and it's very hard to do that wearing shoes. Also so they don't scuff the backgrounds.

I personally LOVE the manager and the staff there! They are some of the nicest people and they really care!

If your so petty as to complain about *** things like that maybe you should go to a private photographer who will charge you a ton more and STILL NOT WEAR SHOES!

Rochester, Minnesota, United States #923150

We had the same issue among many others. The manager wasn't wearing shoes.

The photographer asked the woman with him, "How do you zoom in on this camera?" We were quoted over the phone that the session and copyrights to the CD would be $130. This seemed to be a great deal and almost too good to be true, but they quoted this over the phone multiple times, so we believed them. We then had all our family pictures taken (5 families worth) and when the pictures were reviewed, the package price went up to $800 for the same thing. They basically called us liars and that they would never have offered a deal like what we were offered.

The large family photo had two family members' faces half hidden by others. At first they refused to redo the picture, saying it wasn't that bad. After an hour of discussion, they agreed to redo the picture. Thankfully no one had left and we had been very patient including the grandchildren, four of which were under 12 years, one being an infant.

During all pictures, there were one or two other associates jumping around laughing and giggling with stuffed animals trying to get the kids to smile (all of which smiled just fine) but caused half the pictures to show the kids looking away from the camera because of all the distractions. Everything felt very rushed and we were not given options of different poses or use of their props. It was one group in, click, click, click, next group. The only positive was we were given the original package desired for $250, but still not even close to the original quote.

They just lost business from five separate families who will not be going back and encouraging all friends and family to do the same. Very unprofessional establishment.


Big deal they don't wear shoes! You know how hard it is to wear formal shoes while taking pictures of babies?!

I'd imagine it is hard! So instead of throwing a fit about SHOES you get over it it isn't a big deal.

I mean come on now. Really.

to Anonymous Rochester, Minnesota, United States #913520

Ah the shoes were just one part of that hot mess over there. The women were dressed like they had just came back from dumpster diving.

wrinkled shirts etc. Formal shoes? LMAO. Who wears formal shoes to work???

You mean shoes like people wear to weddings, proms, bachelorette parties? Yeah I doubt very few photographers wear formal shoes. But I would bet they all wear casual work shoes, athletic shoes, pumps, heck even a flip flop would have looked better than their sweaty feet in black socks. EW.

Customer service sucked, how can you not call your upcoming appointments to tell them you are 1+ hour behind and to save yourself from rushing to get the family to a studio on time that will result in nothing but waiting and waiting and waiting. WITH CHILDREN!

It's the holiday season, portrait studios that aren't ready for family holiday portrait sessions in November & December should receive terrible reviews. If that was my business I would fire those that don't represent themselves & my business in a more professional customer service oriented way.

to Anonymous #918307

Lol you are an ***. By formal I meant work my bad and most places don't call cause they are understaffed!


Over. It.

to Anonymous #918953

Lol dude if they called you to tell you they were behind they would be even more behind. Everyone that works there takes photos.

No one is there to just fall people. Besides when doctors office are behind, which is ALWAYS, do you get a phone call.

Christmas season is crazy. If you can deal waiting don't make an appt during the holiday rush.

to Anonymous Rochester, Minnesota, United States #923480

It's not the photographer that doesn't wear shoes, it's the MANAGER!

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