Souderton, Pennsylvania

I took my son there to get his 2 year old, pictures taken asked for a female photographer, and got a male one. My son cried at the time he did not like males, so he proceeded to take his picture with his finger stuck up his nose, snapped about 20 pictures of that with him sitting on the block the only posts, that I wanted with him sitting on the block with number 2 on it.

It may be cute when he's 20.

We did end up with a picture of him but you could tell that his eyes are red and wet from crying because I asked for a female photographer, when I called to schedule the appointment. Told them when I got to the the store I asked for a female, but the guy really didn't care just hurry up and get the pictures taken!!!

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Venice, Florida, United States #1179091

The picture is cute. I don't understand the issue with the #2 block.

Think of the memories you will share when he IS 20 and you can say, you were so afraid of males (?) and you wouldn't take you finger out of your nose! LOL


Your son is so cute!In a few years you will be glad you have that picture.When my daughter was in third grade you should have seen her school pics.Right before picture time the teacher decided to have snack time.The snack that day was oreo cookies and milk.She had a very large chocolate ring around her mouth.You would think the teacher or photographer would have noticed this but noo they just took her picture that way.I was so mad at the time.But now with her being 25 and on her own I sometimes look at that picture and it makes me smile.You might not like that picture now but in 20 years or so when he is grown and out on his own I promise you that you will look at that picture and smile and remember the cute kid that he was.


What a cutie!

North Augusta, South Carolina, United States #898662

All do respect, your son is two. There isn't a two year old on this planet that thinks taking pictures is fun.

Even if you get a female photographer he's still going to be two. I think that picture is really cute though :)

to Natalie Donora, Pennsylvania, United States #1246744

I honestly beg to differ because my son is going to be 2 soon and he is such a ham and loves to get pictures taken. He does think its fun. If you get the right photographer then it makes the whole experience completely different.

Orange, California, United States #898024

He is not crying and his eyes are not red, you need glasses, or perhaps this is an attempt to get free pictures.

Madison, South Dakota, United States #897095

If it was my two year old son, he would have taken his finger out of his nose real quick. I wouldn't have had to slap him or anything. I would have told him, and he would all ready have known I was boss.

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #898025

If you had slapped him I would have called the police on you for that.

to KevinRichards Waterloo, Illinois, United States #929594


to KevinRichards Indiana, United States #1115385

I'm sure..well.. I'm hoping the person that said they would have "slapped the child to get their finger out of their nose" was just meaning..

slapping his hand away from his nose... not really slapping like a smack... because that would just make the child cry more! But I would have taken his finger away from his nose if I didn't want it to be like that in the picture.

Although.. very cute lil boy!

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