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My hubs, our 10mo old daughter & I went to have professional pics done for 1st time, & chose PI b/c of a coupon for $12.99.

The photographer & another lady who did things to get our daughter's attn & pose did a good job on the pics, but when it came to picking out the ones we liked, well, that's when the fast talking started. She said she had to start with the most expensive package and work her way down, and the 1st package was I believe well over $400.

Of course they want you to buy a package b/c they tell you that your little darling will be deleted from their system unless you get package with the CD.

(But now that I'm thinking about it, they asked if we mi ded if they used our daughter's image in future advertising...but if they delete it from their system, how could they do that?? Hmm...

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Shelbyville, Kentucky, United States #1190796

They are not a non-profit organization. Why would you think they wouldn't try to sell you additional photos?

Seriously... Come on people.

Use you common sense.


They don't delete your photos. I used to work at a PI, and that's just a BS sales pitch you're instructed to tell customers. They have a few years worth of photos saved on the computers.

to Anonymous #1057146

You must not realize that the computers break regularly and lose all pictures. Also you must have never opened some of those older files its not the pictures its the maps template.


I agree not everyone has money like that and would love to go back and get a photo book of a different photo. This was my 3rd time attending portrait innovations in a different state and am pissed. I think this is my last time.

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