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Got my son's 6 month pictures done in 2013, they were amazing, and I knew when I had my daughter I would take her to portrait innovations for her 6 month pictures. I was excited for months.

They turned out awful! They didn't get her to smile in any pictures, and when I said I was unhappy they said okay sorry. We asked for our money back and they gave us more pictures but they still were disappointing. The worst part?

They give you an extremely low resolution disc now so you can't even use the disc to put pictures on your phone or computer. I'm so disappointed. Awful experience. I will Never be going back!

All I wanted was some beautiful pictures of my daughter. Is that so much to ask??

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Nothing wrong with the quality far as I can see. Maybe you should stop blaming the photographer.


I see nothing wrong with these pictures. It's not their fault that she wouldn't smile.

You should have rescheduled for a different day, or maybe tried a little harder to make her smile yourself. They're photographers, not clowns.

Besides, one of my favorite professional pictures of my daughter is of her crying in a bathtub.

It was nice quality, good lighting, and real. :)


How is it their fault that your grandkid wasn't smiling?! Christ.

Hellertown, Pennsylvania, United States #887570

you can't fix ugly.

to Bad*** #975018

I can't believe you called little children ugly?! How low can you go?


Sometimes kids that age just won't smile. Not really the photographers fault.

Of you were there them you should have been with the photographer making faces or something to make the kid smile.

She probably just want in the mood, though. Also, just because she didn't smile doesn't mean it wasn't a beautiful picture of your daughter.


You obviously didn't listen to anything your photographer told you. You can buy the high resolution copyright released CD, or the standard CD.

And it isn't their job to make your kid smile. They don't know your child.

to Anonymous #887575

A good photographer will make it happen, most of the time. It IS their job. Who wants a picture of a crying kid?

to D. Advocate #888320

Forreal?? Who is a kid going to be more comfortable with, a complete stranger or their mother. Bingo.

First Born Triplet

How is it their fault that your grandchild was not smiling. Perhaps she was unhappy because of something you or her brother did

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #884040

that sucks that they gave you low resolution disc. That I totally agree it shouldn't be.

But as for your gorgeous little girl, don't you think maybe she's not ready for picture taking? I would wait a bit longer and try again.


Did it ever occur to you that maybe your daughter didn't want to smile? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink the water.

I have a grandaughter that wouldn't smile for photos until she was about 18 months old, before then all she did was pout.

We tried everything and she absolutely wouldn't smile. Now, at age 22, the camera is her best friend.

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