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My name is Jennifer Norris and I can be reached at My family and I were in the Lafayette, IN studio on Dec. 26, 2015 at 10am.

My siblings, our kids and my mom got a family picture taken. We were pleased with the pictures that we had taken at the studio, but last night February 19, 2016 we went into Meijer in Lafayette, IN to print a couple pictures off the CD. After they were printed the staff member working at the photo department said he couldn't sell them to us because it had the watermark of Portrait Innovations on them. He said he need a written copyright release to sell them to us.

So by that time the Portrait Innovations studio was closed. We left the store with no pictures. This morning Feb. 20, 2016 my mom called the studio in Lafayette, IN and explained to them what happened and the girl she talked to said we didn't buy the high resolution package to get the copyright release.

If we wanted that we would have to spend $70 more and get two more prints to get the release. We don't want to spend more. We had already spent enough and besides we always get the package with the CD so we can make reprints. We have never been told we couldn't make reprints without the copyright release.

The person that took our pictures was Melissa W. We have always gone the Lafayette Studio because it is convenient and close to home (Reynolds, IN) and because we have been pleased with the pictures that are taken. Actually we went to Walgreen' after our studio session and downloaded a picture from the CD to make family picture cards and they printed them with no problem. I guarantee we will not be back to the Portrait Innovation Studio in Lafayette, IN or any other Portrait Innovations because of this.

We spend close to $300 every 6 months to a year.

I hope you understand my frustration in this matter and hope I hear from someone soon regarding this matter. Thanks so much!

Reason of review: Getting Reprints off of CD.

I liked: Photo quality, Received photos quickly, Variety of poses, Photographer.

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I swear this just happened to me a couple of days ago but it wasn't meijer.... It was walgreens.

Im more upset with walgreens tho.... Like damn just sell me my *** pictures!!

Portland, Oregon, United States #1191150

I have been a customer of portrait innovations for some time now and I know the different collections vary with the CD. You more than likely didn't get a high enough collection for the full copyrights.

Since you have been there before how did you not know this? A lot of times people will get a smaller collections to try to print off pictures without the rights which is against the law....sounds like this is the case.

to Anonymous #1434710

Thats not the case as i have used portrait inovations for years and i have never been told there was a different cd or that i couldn't print off the cds they dont tell you untill you want more prints so its not a case of not wanting to pay for the better package its a matter of bait and switch you convince ppl to get the cd to reprint then later try to scam them out of more money

to Anonymous #1564248

No, that's not how Portrait Innovations operates. We found that out the hard way too - a HUGE family session, tons of portraits purchased, and were told that we were getting the premium CD.

But then it turned out there was no such thing - when I saw the contents of the CD and followed up, I was told they never sell a CD with the high resolution images & release.

Basically, they built a business model on lying and scamming people. No small wonder they had to file for bankruptcy.

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