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We went in to have our family portrait taken. My kids are adults now.

My son is 23 and my daughter is 20. I thought it would be a good Christmas present for their Grandma. The photographer started taking pictures of the 4 of us but never gave us any direction. Then he took some of our son he gave him some direction.

Then when he started with our daughters pictures he wanted to pose her the same way as he did our son, with her arms crossed in front of her. She was all dressed up in a beautiful red dress, he didn't know how to pose her and wouldn't let her do it. We ended up not having very many pictures to choose from. Which is sad as she was the runner up for Miss Photogenic in a beauty pageant when she was 12 and she is even prettier now.

He could have had some awesome photos if he would have known what he was doing. But he obviously didn't. He was a nice guy he just doesn't know how to take pictures other than the basic push the button. When a pretty girl walks in and can stand and move without your direction of cross your arms in front of you.

He left the the room and I took 3 pictures of her with her cell phone and they were awesome. To bad we can't just borrow their equipment and backgrounds and take our own pictures I could do a better job. He never gave my husband or I any direction at all everything was rushed, so none of our pictures turned out very well. I will never go back again.

We waited for over an hour a half. It was a mess. The employees are so stressed we felt sorry for them everyone was yelling at them. When they explained how they were booked I couldn't believe it.

This place needs to have some changes made to it or be shut down. The only way that is going is to happen is to public awareness. They send out fliers and people respond to them not knowing they are a bad company.

That's what happened to me. :upset

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I would like to say "Word" to the comment above me. I would also like to point out that your experience is unfortunate at getting an inexperienced photographer. You're more than welcome to ask for a photographer that has been there longer and knows what they are doing and they will oblige. Also the wait times are ridiculous couldn't agree more, not enough rooms,

But also we could be running smoothly until we get a 2 year old that doesn't want pictures... the 2 year old gets in on time, everything's fine until we get into that camera room and all *** breaks loose. and THAT's what puts us behind, because we don't want to call it and give up and spend less time, we work hard and act crazy to get smiles.

Kids are unpredictable.


Unbeleivable. after waiting 30 minutes past my scheduled time with 5 kids, 3 of them under the age of 3.

The girl tried 1 pose and that was with my 1 year old twins sitting on tall stools and my 6 year old and 8 year old was supposed to hold them and make sure they didn't fall. Come on how *** can she be. When that didn't work she didn't even try another pose and told us we would have to wait behind 4 other families to use the other room. Are you kidding me they were late and didn't want to take time to even try a second pose with my kids then I am supposed to wait for god only knows how long.

We left and all they could say was "well it is Christmas time" Not even a simple apology.

I tried them 3 years ago and said I won't be back and rest assured I will never walk through their doors again. I don't know how they even stay in business.


I also had a rotten experience at Portrait Innovations. The session was rushed and I never was told what we were doing next.

When I went to pick up my pictures, I was told I could not get more prints because I did not buy the CD. Don't they want to sell more photos?! The initial package for $9.99 was a great deal, but everything else I wanted was insanely expensive.

I could tell the employees were over-worked and struggling against the clock. Never again!


I'm as sure as you are that he didn't know what he was doing. Every studio hires a full-time employee right before the holiday season. They do not get properly trained because there is literally no time to train them. The company feels that this practice is okay because they are just going to fire them after the holidays anyway. Unless, of course, they run a higher average than the full-time associates that have worked there 2 or 3 years. Then, whomever has the lowest sales average will be let go.

This is what we typically go through during the holday season. We work 6 days a week. Each day lasts between 11 and 15 hours. We book appoinments every 10 minutes with a double booking at the top of every hour. Our studio does about 80 appoinments every day. We get one half-hour break at some point throughout the day. One day mine was 10:30AM and I worked until 10PM. That is 11 hours with NO break at all. Most of us get hungry after 4 or 5 hours, so 11 hours is ridiculous. The worst part of it is, it's 100% legal in my state. There are NO labor laws for adults regarding meals and breaks.

We are all starving, exhausted, and sore.

I'm glad that you recognize that the issues reside with corporate, not the individual photographers and studios. We are all just trying to hang in there through the holidays without being hospitalized for exhaustion or starvation. lol

Seriously, some of us are good at what we do and really enjoy the photography and customer service aspect of our job. It is just hard to work for a company that treats us bad and simply does not care about anything other than the money they can bring in.

We keep hearing, "Only 4 more weeks. Hang in there!" Dude, we're trying, but ut's difficult to not quit our jobs when there are 4 weeks until Christmas and only 3 more days off before then. We're tired! :cry

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