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I was a former employee of Portrait Innovations in Harrisburg Pa and let me tell you as far as jobs go it was like living a nightmare. Though well the pay is decent and I will give that, the job goes way beyond anything I could have imagined (and on the low end of the spectrum).

I had always been comfortable around a camera and I loved the thought of making it my career one day. I had gone to photography school and had really pushed myself to one day make that dream of mine a reality. Portrait innovations crushed that dream. First of all I had been working there for 3 days before the first holiday had come about.

Now as good as I was at taking pictures, when you are with a new company and trying to learn its protocols and still in the reading stages of the job I dont feel its right to put someone in a room because you are short on employees and thats what happened. We did not have a manager at that time so I believe it was our district manager that was in that day tossed me in a room without me fully knowing how protocol was done. To make matters worse she came in and when she saw I wasnt doing so great she pulled the camera straight from my neck and began taking photos thus completing the session (and yes I got repremanded once this was done and in front of the customer). I had not yet seen a sale or had been shown how to complete a sale which I also got in trouble for.

(Mind you this was 3 days into this job with absolutely no hands on training at this company at this point.) That was my valentines day experience. As a little time moved on I learned what I could not from my superiors but through my coworkers. When the next few holidays came about it was a disaster. I had come down with the flu around the week of Easter.

I missed 3 days of work that week I did bring in a Doctors note for being out. (An appointment which cost me almost 200.00 because the company does not give you any health benefits at all) and wouldnt you know the day I came back I got pulled aside by our then traveling manager and was told " you know company policy and under no circumstances are you to miss a day of work during a holiday" I got wrote up that day. In the next few passing months things didnt look up at any point. We had 20 minutes to complete a session in the room well we had anywhere from 3 to 5 appointments every 20 minutes.

And half the time only 4 photographers. I would get pulled out of a room 5 min into my session have another photographer complete it while I got put on another persons sale. On average a customer will see at least 2 different photographers sometime 3. I probably only made 50 percent of my own sales.

And even though half the sale werent mine I still got in trouble if my average was low. I went above and beyond for that company and what do I have to show for it? A crushed dream, a nightmare lived, wasted time, and ultimately a lost job and no chance of getting back into my previous career. Other cons, 7Am until 11Pm shifts 6 days a week during holidays, inadequate training, no type of incentives (health insurance, benefits, retirement, 401k etc.) If you are a customer and you come in for holiday pictures you have at least a 2 to 4 hour wait time.

I ended up loosing this job in june. I missed a. Day of work due to a health condition I had and will have for the rest of my life. I was told come back with.

Doctors note or dont show up until you have one. Well this particular issue acts up from time to time with no warning or prevention so to spend over 300 dollars to see my specialist was not an option. This was explained to my manager and she flat out said i dont care figure it out. So after being told to not return to work without an excuse she calls me the next day on my day off and said I need you here we are short staffed.

I had already offered to come in that day but was told no it will screw up the schedule. So I didnt go in. I was then fired 3 days later. All in all the worst experience of my life.i would never suggest going here either from a customers point of view unless waiting around for 4 hours to have 20 minutes of pictures done is your thing.Obviously this company is doing something wrong.

Along with myself getting fired out of the 8 of us that were there...6 left the company within 2 months of myself getting fired. Pay the extra money and go to. Professional studio where they are creative take their time and are very personable. And just an ending thought it was the photographers that made this job for me even the least bit tolerable.

There was some amazing employees who really knew what they were they were doing and made something simple look glorious.

Unfortuneatly like myself they had no choice but to be puppets on strings. And its sad to cage such beautifully creative minds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Portrait Innovations Customer Care.

Reason of review: lost 4 months of income I dare you to try and fix that.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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