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I had a session on 12/9- we got there on time only to be told it's an hour wait- My sister had driven in from Oklahoma to do this with all of our kids together so we waited- We got good shots and the customer service was fine. But at no point was I informed of the print change that was made apparently about 2 years ago that you no longer get three printed sheets with each pose you pay for.

You only get two. Had I known this at the time I would have left. We waited an hour and a half before we could get any shots done. So by the time we were at the end and picking poses I felt obligated to follow thru on the purchase considering all the advance prep work and planning that had to be done because my sister drove from another state to get these done.

I was extremely unhappy because I didn't get as much printed product as I was used to but I also didn't spend enough to get the high resolution disc with the copyright release on it. I spent 300 dollars to get pictures only to not have enough to go around and I had a useless disc that the only way I could get the extras was to take back to that studio and pay them MORE MONEY to print them for me. So I called and explained my my unhappiness with the manager the next day. She offered a high res disc with copyright release.

I was fine with that and made arrangements to pick up today Tuesday 12/12/17. So out of curiosity I loaded the disc I already had today on my computer. And what to my wandering eyes should appear.. but all of the poses with the copyright release.

So I went up the chain and called the corporate phone number. After explaining what had happened she told me that a refund wasn't possible because I had the disc with the copyright and that was my compensation. So I'm supposed to be "compensated" with something that I already had? I asked multiple times to speak to management or escalations and was refused every time.

I continued to express my unhappiness and was put on hold. I finally had to hang up and get back to my desk.

Nobody ever picked the line back up. I'm still very unhappy with the outcome and will never return to any portrait innovations studio.

Product or Service Mentioned: Portrait Innovations Christmas Photo Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This company needs to make CLEAR the 42 Pictures for 29.99 is false advertising. Get the after my 640p appointment turned out to be 830p my grand child was so tired past her

bed time, they wanted to sell me pictures for 500 plus dollars, I said no!

she said you can always eliminate the one you don't want and it will drop the price . I said what about the 42for 29.99 she says it one pic, I think she says 42 ways I was so upset I couldn't think straight .

But I feel that the company should be honest, maybe they wouldn't have so many pissed of consumers.


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