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I called to make an appointment at the Anderson SC store.I was calling to make an appointment for my children so I could take advantage of their package deal.

I also was scheduling an appointment for my sister in law because she wanted to go on the same day and get pics of her kids. Well as I am making the appointments I mentioned that I would like to add my niece and nephew in just one or two of my pictures so we could get a couple of sheets with all of them together for the grandparents. They then informed me that if the other two children were going to be in even one picture then we both could not have desperate appointments they would have to be together. To me that makes absolutely no sense at all.

So instead of making $9.99 on one package deal plus $40.00 for a couple extra sheets and then $9.99 for a second package they instead only wanted to get the two $9.99 packages?? That makes no sense.

And so now the are not getting any money from me at all!!I will now only use private photographers that give you the disc and session for a much better price and experience.

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Trust me you won't be missed and let me know the name of the Pro Photographer that going to give you that deal

Sacramento, California, United States #795778

I would also LOVE to hear from the professional photographer that yo find that will shoot your kids pictures and give you the CD for 10 dollars. No one would even show up for that price.


Why waste our time with your two 40 dollar sessions when combining them into one saves us money we don't have to waste the money to pay a second photographer for the 2nd session that would hurt our averages and put our jobs on the line..

Sacramento, California, United States #788225

Don't worry, the company (and the photographer who keeps their jobs based on their sales) aren't missing your $40 photo session.


Read the bottom small print of the coupon.It's one special per family or GROUP.

If there is a GROUP shot done, it is one appointment and you are allowed one special. If you each want the special, don't do any GROUP shots, and do two completely separate appointments.

It's that simple.Good luck finding a better price.

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