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When I scheduled my appointment and choose an available time slot, I was called and confirmed my appointment. I was contacted the day of my appointment and was pressured to change my appointment time to an earlier time to the point that i didnt even want to come to my appointment so i canceled it.

The man who called me swore the lady who confirmed it didnt know you closed at 6 my appointment was 550. If it wasnt available for me to click on for a picture time which clearly fit my families schedule I would have choose a different time. Now i have had to change my appointment 2 times since because we bearly have time for things like this. But you close at 6 every day.

So why would this be a problem for just my appointment.

I didnt want anything expect a beautiful picture of my lovely and beautiful daughters. I actually come here a lot so I didnt understand his point in calling being rude about my time slot that I chose.

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