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I would like to inform you of my experience I had at the Collierville Tn - Carriage Crossing location on October 3,2017. I scheduled my appointment online and then received a voicemail from an employee asking me to return the call because my appointment need to be rescheduled.

When I returned the call I was told I have to reschedule my appointment time or come extra early because she had a 4pm & 5 pm appointment and only one photographer would be there so I then asked why would I not go in front of that 5pm appointment since my time was scheduled at 4:20pm. She then stated “look ma’am I’m just trying to reschedule your appointment if not you will have to wait hours for your appointment after the 5pm appointment and we close at 6pm.” At this point I asked for her name and she began coughing and hung up that phone. I called back she answered and I asked her again for her name and manager name. She told me her name was Natalie and she was a manger I asked if there was anyone over her she stated no there isn’t.

I asked if I could have upper management or corporate number. She began yelling “Look ma’am you don’t have to call corporate all you have to do is reschedule your appointment” I calmly asked again for corporate number and she yelled it out really fast and hung up that phone after saying “Girl Bye”. I then researched and called the corporate number 704-499-9359 and spoke with Jessica. I explained everything that happened to Jessica and she placed me on hold to call up to the Collierville store.

When Jessica returned to the phone she informed me that Natalie was not at work today 10/3/17 she told me only Gregtoria and April are at the store and that I can go for my appointment at 4:20. I then asked her was any actions going to be taken against Gregtoria since she gave me a false name(Natalie) and hung up that phone in my face saying “GIRL BYE” she then gave me a record number of 43088, and said I can still go to my scheduled appointment. I thanked Jessica for her time and ended the call. I then went to my coworker who referred me to Portrait Innovations and explaining everything that happened she informed me to call the Southaven MS store because she never had any problems like this.

I informed her I would just find another establishment to take my new baby pictures at. She then called her Southaven store herself and asked if they had any available appointments today and began explaining to them what happened. So at 2:46 I received a call from April at the Collierville location asking “are you still coming to your 4:20 appointment or not? because you have the Southaven location calling our location”.

I asked for her name she told me April and I then asked for her manager name she informed me she was the only person working all day and she is the one who left me the voicemail earlier at 1:25. I informed her that I recognized her voice was different and I’m certain I spoke with another person. She then told the truth and told me Tory is the manger and she was out for lunch and would be back later. So I informed her that I was on the way for my appointment since I was informed earlier by Gregtoria Jones who told me her name was Natalie to come early or that I would be waiting over 2 hours.

Upon arriving at 3:06 pm with my 6 month baby and her grandmother we asked to speak to the manager as soon as we walked in that door. No one addressed us with any greeting no hello anything. Gregtoria was on her personal cellphone ignoring us at the front desk. So we asked April again if we could speak to a manager.

By this time Gregtoria got off her cellphone, I begin to pick up my cellphone to record the conversation since I was told so many lies from that time I spoke with her. She then began yelling are you recorded me that against the law I’m calling security. So after she called security she went and locked herself into a glass office while we waited for security. When security arrived she immediately informed him that we were threatened her all day on the phone.

We couldn’t even get 2 words out to even speak to Gregtoria. The reason I’m writing this message is because all of this should not have transpired because of a simple appointment error due to lack of staffing or the fact the website let me schedule online. If Gregtoria is a representation of your company she is not a good one. This would’ve been my baby first professional pictures and it was all ruined due to Gregtoria and I still haven’t received an apology or anything from corporate except for you can still go to your appointment.

I think some type of disciplinary action need to take with Gregtoria and April because they ran away a potential customer for just bad customer service skills.

Also the fact that she used another employee name who was not at work was bad for that business. I am outraged and upset that I had to experience this with your company in front of my 6 month old child.

Review about: Portrait Innovations Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: No apology for poor service, Customer service.

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I had a similar experience with the same manager today.

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