My family and I always take our pictures at portraits innovation, I was just on the web site for the first time and I was just wondering why isnt there not one picture of a black person?I'm black and I refer all my family and friends to yall and they black,so I know for affect yall have black customers.

Love the work that yall do but I hate the advertising.

I have being seeing alot of this lately and if you ask me we probably support half of yall business, so I need to know why some black folks can't be advertised on yall website for everyone to see?What yall don't think we take good enough pictures?

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Houston, Texas, United States #797198

Hmmm...Thats quite odd..

I actually am a black woman from South Mississippi and Ive seen quite a few advertising photos of Portrait Innovations, which features black and mixed race.And in my own opinion the pictures are beautiful ❤


You do not take your pictures at Portrait Innovations, you have them taken there. The photographer takes the photos. Also there isn't any such word as "yall." You really should quit playing the race card and learn how to capitalize, punctuate, and grammar.

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