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I went to Portrait Innovations in Davenport, IA on May 24. It wasn't busy and they started my photo shoot right away.

I was getting my son's 2nd Birthday pictures. I went online that morning to search what specials Picture People had going on when I came across a package for $9.95 from PI. I read about what you get in that package and then called the store to confirm that I would be able to use it and asked about sitting fees; there were no addt. charges.

I then asked if they sell a disc of all the prints. They said they do not sell it but it comes with their collections. Again, I verified I could get that price and a disc and they said yes so I went ahead and booked the appt. They took the pictures and were nice while doing so.

We went to review them and narrow down to find the picture to print. I kept telling him I only wanted the $9.95 package and picked out the pose and said that I would come back to get more prints next week when we would have more money to do so. He said that was fine however kept asking if I wanted other pictures and showed them to me (I get the whole sales process in upselling) I stuck with it and said no that I just wanted the one for now and the disc. We get to the end and finally he says I cannot get the disc without purchasing the 3 pose collection which costs $75.

I asked how much just the disc would be and he went on to say they don't sell it individually. I asked for the manager and he told me she was doing a shoot and he would print off the pictures and I could wait. I told him not to take the disc out of the computer because I did not want to risk losing any photos and that I would wait for her. She went on to say they would not sell it either.

I told her about my phone conversation that morning with an employee and what they told me and that I did not have $75 that day but I had about $50 to spend and wanted these pictures and that I would come back and get reprints she said that is not possible. I asked if there was any one she could call to make an exception she said no. I called corporate which was closed. We got the 1 print of photos and started driving away and I called them to see if they were willing to hold the pictures until tomorrow when they informed me they were already deleted!

Not even 5 minutes after they had ALREADY deleted the pictures. I get that they need to use the harddrive for another photo shoot but this was at 5:30 and there was nobody else waiting for a shoot and the close at 6! The next morning I called corporate and informed them of my experience and all I got was empty apologies. I asked if there was anything they could do for customer satisfaction and the lady kept telling me no that it was miscommunication and the website clearly explains what my package entails.

I understand this but when I clearly asked about that collection (which corporate says isn't a collection even though my receipt says collection) and the disc and was told that is what I can get. Finally after going back and fowardth with corporate they said they would send me a $5 coupon for my next visit! They obviously are more worried about personal profit than customer satisfaction. $5 does not do justice for how angry I was at the situation.

Don't tell someone they can get this disc then turn around and tell them they can't! I was willing to spend money paying for it but it wasn't good enough. I get photos of my son on the exact day of his birthdays, birth, and monthly milestones.

If it wasn't already 5:30 by this time and his party was at 6:00 and everything is closed after that so I couldn't go elsewhere! I will never do business with this awful company again.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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The reason PI says they don't keep the pictures when they do is because customers say they will buy more later and they don't. Trust me.

I used to work at Sears Portrait Studio where we did save the pics. Customers almost NEVER came back for more prints. If you know you can't buy later you're more likely to buy now. If you don't have the money, that's fine.

Don't book the appointment.

If it's important to you then plan ahead and save up.


Do you realize if they sold the CD by itself it would be well over 100$ you get 60-80 images, and we do delete the sessions they don't stay on our systems long if we took the word of every person that says they would come back and reorder the company would have hundreds of thousands of sessions sitting there because 90% of people don't ever come back.


So I guess it would really upset you to hear that they did in fact have your pictures. Everything gets saved so corporate can check them out to make sure they are following protocol.

They say they don't save then so you buy more. But then after they can't tell you.that they are there because that would mean admitting that they lied in the first place


A promise is a promise. If the employee said that's what she could expect, then she is perfectly allowed to do so.

The other two need to grow up and be accountable. Say what you mean and mean what you say. This lady was lead astray. It's not her fault.

She didn't come up with expectations herself, and IF you had read her WHOLE article, then you would have looked at it differently. Alas, the youth think they know it all...


as a photographer it is EXTREMELY disrespectful for cheap soccer moms to this $10 is going to get you photos. its a special not a package.

the collections are what the packages are. these asinine portrait SPECIALS ruin photography because *** feel that getting you picture done is just like buying gum.


As with any retail experience you get what you pay for. If you go in there looking for the bare minimum, then that's exactly what you will get in return.


What world do you live in that you think you can buy a CD and 40+ pictures for ten bucks? I mean seriously.

My god.. get over yourself

to Sandra #727279

Sandra and FU - the OP said she would pay for the CD if you actually read the complaint......I guess the company doesn't want people's money after all unless it's by their standards with portrait collections that have way more pictures than anyone would ever need.

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