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Went to portrait innovations in Monroeville, PA. First of all - was very busy and hectic.

We felt rushed but did like their backgrounds. They take your picture very quickly but they have you go to different rooms and you wait when you get their for us (15 minutes)- then go to room 1 take some photos - wait (again for us 20 minutes totalling 35 minutes of waiting now) - go to room 2 then wait ( we waited 10 minutes which is not bad But for us that was now 45 minutes of waiting plus the picture taking time - then they have you came pick photos with them then wait while they print them ( It took them another 30 minutes for our pictures meaning all together we waited an hour and 15 minutes and also had the time the photos took on top of that). When you get to picking photos they rush you and talk up their products. We did like a few photos and decided based off the lady helping us that we would be the cheapest deal so that we could get a cd with all the pictures taken that we could later print out.

The cost was 75.00 to do that. We ended up paying just for it and didn't chose to get their special 14.95 package of one pose since we could just print them out ourselves and get the sizes we wanted and we could allow our family to pick which photo they wanted instead of having a whole bunch of one picture. We got home and I went online to do our christmas photos to find out that I paid 75 for a cd that just stores your photos so that you can RETURN to THEIR store and PAY them to reprint the pictures. You cant print the pictures out of the cd because when you try for 1 the store will tell you you don't own the copyright and 2.

even if you get past that they will say portrait.com across them. The pictures are of very low resolution so you can try to print them out at home but it is just blurry and looks like *** and still says portrait.com on them. I had to wait til morning to call them but I did the minute they opened and explained to them what I had and they said yes that is true - That you can always take the cd back in and they will reprint the pictures for you or you can email or facebook the pictures for others to look at. I was upset and asked for a refund.

To make it short - I had to return the pictures to that store (meaning I had to drive 3 hours and waste my Sunday) only to find out WHEN I got there that they have a form for this which is a credit voucher not your money back. Since all I got was a 75 credit voucher I asked the worker if I could get the 14.95 package with my pictures I had taken which she let me. But again I had to WAIT another 30 minutes for them to print them out. When they was finished I decided to just look at them before I left which thank god I did because I ended up being short pictures and had to wait 25 minutes to get them after informing the worker.

Now today still mad I called their corporate office and upon calling corporate I have been told I can mail this form to them and wait 3 weeks for them to issue me a check and that they will check with the studio to see why we had so many problems and try to prevent it in the future but never once even offered me anything for my anger just aggrevated me more by telling me I never had to return to Monroeville I could have just mailed my cd to the corporate office for a refund.


Review about: Portrait Innovations Photo Service.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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same thing just happened to me in Columbus Ohio. Overall my studio experience was great.

It was hectic and busy, but were on time and they did a great job getting my 3 year old to smile. When we went to order prints I said I want the minimum package to get the images on cd so I could print them at my convenience, which ended up being $100. I was very surprised to find low res jpegs and high res encrypted files. Called the manager and she explained that only they print the high res images and there is no copyright release.

I told her that I was clear to the photographer on my intentions to print images myself, and never was it explained how their system works. She referred me to the corporate office. I called them, explained everything, and they offered me the released images at full jpeg resolution. Had to drive 35 miles one way to get it, but its done and I got what I wanted.

I may go back because I was happy with the studio experience, but never with the intentions of buying the photo cd. Very, very misleading.


So...I just had the same experience. I am currently emailing corporate to get a copyright release which is what was suggested to me by corporate.

I can't afford to have pictures taken for every holiday, and I asked multiple times while making my appointment and at the session if I would get the cd of ALL of the pictures so that I could get more prints done. It is very frustrating that I didn't ask the question in the right way, so they gave me the answer that would get me into their studio.

I'm glad that I see someone was told they could just mail in the cd because I'd like to get a refund sooner than later so I can get pictures retaken somewhere else while they still have the right holiday backgrounds up.

I will NEVER go here again. :(


Same thing happened to us at the Fredericksberg VA Portrait Innovations. We went in with a $15 special offer.

They took 94 pictures and then offered us all of them for $300! After 30 minutes of haggling, I finally settled on the $85 package (lowest price to get the CD). It was implied by the sales person that I could print the photos from the CD.

They are around 100KB and too small to print. Total scam.


While I do agree that the studio gets super hectic at times, we try as hard as we can to get everyone in and out at a good amount of time. There are some appointments that may take more time then planned just because of the kids that may not want to take pictures, we try our best to make the kids smile and capture pictures that turn out good for our customers to buy and keep as a cute moment in time. If the customers were in our shoes I am sure they would definitely have more patients and understand.


First of all, who said you had to wait in the studio for the photos to print? Could you not have gone shopping, or grab a *** to eat?

Having the photos print out in a half hour is much better than waiting a week for them, no? Also, I would like to say that the wait time is ridiculous for PI. However, how do you expect us to spend time on your session pushing the wait time for everyone else (which is why you're complaining) or we could rush through your photo session making you pissed at us anyway. We work with children who are unpredictable, if your child was being difficult would you want us to give up after 3 minutes so that the next appointment wouldn't have to wait 10 extra minutes?

Trust me, I don't like getting yelled at by customers all day if I had it my way I wouldn't double book every half hour. It's not my idea of fun.


I have 20 years in IT and I am very tech savy. This is a scam.

Who would not make the assumption when someone tells you that you get a photo CD that it would not be something you could use? I had photos taken for Halloween. The cd I received were lower resolution but they averaged 300k to 400k in size and printed very good quality 4X6 photos. The photo cd we received over the weekend for our Christmas photos had such low resolution that they are grainy when display on my computer screen.

They only average about 30k in size. That is a big difference.

No one forces us to spend 3-5 dollars for the prints and we had no problem with the quality of the prints and package. For that kind of money you would not expect them to *** on the CD.

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