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My friend and I went in to take a group picture and individual pic s of our kids. First we were told we could only get one special package, they rushed us through our session, and the biggest problem is after we picked our pictures and totaled over 200 dollars we were told we couldn't get them today bc the printer was down and it will be after Tuesday before we get them.

I always spend lots of money in there arbutus I will NEVER go back.

And I will no longer suggest my friends to them. I am very upset.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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This is why you should have paid your $200 dollars to a photographer that actually likes to take pictures and can give you good quality photos. No one really knows what photography means anymore.

Most of the people that work at those studios don't even know what it means to give people true art. They own a camera so they think that they know what they are doing. You could have spent that money on a local artist that truly would have given you the time you needed and given you the pictures you wanted. This is why those big *** retail studios are making bank.

They got what they wanted from you.

You don't have a right to complain. You did it to yourself


Dianeand5, they do not care if you go back or not. your one sale of $10.00 and maybe a few more is not going to set them back at all. plus you say that you could not get two "special packages" but clearly in the title "special package" there must be something "special" about it. if people could get more than one at a time, trust me that is all they would get, and the company that is providing a service that you went in for can not make money off of cheap people expecting to get so much for so little. all the "special packages" from all of the cookie cutter, mcdonalds photo places really take the, luxury and "special-ness" out of photography. now anyone can just go get pictures, just because, for practically nothing. and people that work there are stuck fighting for their job, due to regulations that the company has about keeping an average of a certain dollar amount, and you get pissy because you only get one "special package", and you dont get it NOW!!

you are a product of the world that wants everything NOW and if you dont get it NOW you are the first person to call and tell on them because you didnt get what you want when you wanted it. this is what 2 year olds do, and yet quite a few adults do it way to often.

this world comes with disappointment and if you didnt realize that they are just pictures and only with in the past few years has there been a place where you can get them NOW, so to have to wait a few... mins, hours, days... i think you will survive. go home get off facebook, put down your iphone, turn off the tv, and get off the internet because you need to go outside and look around you and realize that you are not the center of the universe, and other people may be in more need of a compliant.


Compared to places where you don't get your pictures back a couple of weeks... a couple of days shouldn't be a big deal, especially a technical problem that they couldn't help... Now if you spent $200 you must have like the pictures...

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