I am disappointed in my recent photos taken at Portrait Innovations. The photographer was friendly, and nice; however he did not know how to position my family so that everyone was clearly visible.

My sons are 6'0, 6'1' and 6'2. My husband is 5'10. My daughter is 12, and she's about 5'2. He kept saying that tall people are hard to photograph.

I ended up buying a package; the photos of my sons & their dad, and the photos of the kids together were great, and I desperately wanted one of the entire family. Its difficult to get everyone together, working around three schedules.

My the only part visible of two of my sons was their heads; which looked smaller than everyone else's because they were in the back. My advice to others is: if you have 6 or more in your family or group, make sure you ask for a photographer who has experience photographing large groups.

Product or Service Mentioned: Portrait Innovations Photographer.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Very awkward looking photo. Skip it.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #957322

I think they look good


Portrait Innovations is always shortstaffed during the Holiday season, and a lot of extremely inexperienced photographers wind up going into rotation who would only be doing practice sessions with fellow employees otherwise in order to try to be slightly less behind. If it's possible to do family photos at another time (middle of summer is great!), then that's always best.

Burlington, North Carolina, United States #899650

Update: I spoke with the Manager at Portrait innovations about my experience and she apologized; said that the photographer was new and had not had much experience. She offered to retake the photos if I would return the pictures.

She agreed that the poses were not acceptable, and offered to retake the photos herself.

Although inconvenient, I agreed as I was not pleased with the previous photos. The poses that she suggested looked MUCH nicer than the first ones.


I think it's a good looking family!! I'm sure you are very proud.


My God, you are a fool. Your family is ugly.

And the poses are fine, everyone is CLEARLY visible. Would you rather that everyone just stand in a line and face forward? Is that what you want? Sheesh.

People these days. Incredible.

to CantbelieveIeventookthetimetor #650329

There's no need to be rude. The photos CLEARLY show that they're not sitting comfortably.

The woman is right --- whomever the photographer was for this really did not know how to pose a family. There are better ways than this.

By the way, pissedconsumer, good job on monitoring the "personal attacks".

to Newt Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #651142
And to "CantbelieveIeventookthetimetor", didnt ur mother ever teach u if u cant say something nice, dont say anything at all!??U r very rude... I agree...the photographer did a crappy job....I have large family also and there r much better ways to seat them so that the bodies r visible, not just have them peeping over shoulders...u def dont know photography :?

I agree with you. Both these shots make it appear to me, that everyone is pretty uncomfortable, especially the one with your husband sprawled on the floor.

What were they thinking to have him do this in his white shirt, etc... RIDICULOUS!!

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