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After my most recent visit to PI I discovered that my 8 inch by 10 inch , ( 8X10 ) & 5 inch by 7 inch , ( 5X7 ) pictures were all shorter / smaller in size. I measured them all and the pictures were all about an eight of an inch , ( 1/8 " ) short an all sides.

As a result I am unable to use my expensive custom frames !!!!!! I called the studio and " Christy " said to come back into the store with the pictures. I returned the next day and Christy and the PI staff measured the pictures and to their surprise all were short / smaller than claimed. The PI staff said there was nothing they could do period.

I then requested the PI 100% satisfaction guarantee and was denied because as the staff said it's only for 24 hours !!!!! The main issue is that PI advertises 8X10 & 5X7 pictures and the customer relies on and pays for 8X10 & 5X7 but in actuality PI pictures are shorter and smaller than advertised. This may not be a problem for some but if you have custom picture frames then you will have a problem as the pictures do not " fit " into the frames.

One of the most costly items for a studio is the paper the pictures are printed on. So if PI intentionally " shorts " the customer or looks the other way this only adds to PI profits at customer expense.

Review about: Portrait Innovations Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $168.

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ur *** *** *** find something better to complain about. mat ur frame ur dumb ***


This is not a deceptive practice, in fact it is standard in more industries than just photography. I work in the lumber industry, and the mills label wood products with dimensions that are actually 1/2" larger than what they really are.

They are allowed to keep the name "2x4", but they must use less wood due to environmental regulations, and the same applies to paper.

You should order your frame to fit your pictures. Do research before buying expensive products; this is common sense.


The 24 hr thing is a lie, ask for the customer service line at corporate and they should get you taken care of

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